Find the Bridges Back Home

to the authentic You & the Life you were born to live


Who do you want to be

What do you want to do

Where do you want to live

What do you want


 These are four simple questions we all think about

And the truth is, our answers are always changing

because our lives are always changing



 Change is the one constant in our lives

Some changes we make, and some are made for us


Changes = Challenges


We may change partners, jobs, careers, homes, locations, lifestyles


Yet in the end, our answers to those simple questions ALWAYS lead us 




Back Home

BACK HOME is the “place” where we are meant to be.  

The place we all long to be: genuine, true & authentic.    

Where everything falls into place, where we feel love, peace, pleasure, restful… comfortable in our own skin, where our lifestyle feels like we’ve pulled on a pair of our most soft and cozy, worn-out jeans.

We also know the journey getting there isn’t always easy.  

It is messy and filled with many obstacles, challenges, rough rivers and muddy waters.  Bridges Back Home (BBH) is about finding our way through it all… or better said…OVER it all.  



BRIDGES get us back home.  

They are the tools we use to bridge the gap of change or cross over the obstacles to get BACK HOME.

They’re the tools that provide direction, clarity, distress tolerance, radical acceptance and comfort during the transition. 

So, share your life experiences, your story, your journey… your successes & struggles.  Share your questions and the answers you’ve discovered along the way.  

POST IT on our FB page or leave it here in a comment!!

Together we will all learn from each other.


Back  Home = happy place (physically & mentally)

Bridges = help us get there



So, let’s create a community on this website and on our FB page, where we focus on discovering our BRIDGES BACK HOME by sharing. 


Visit us here or on FB each morning. 

Leave something or take something.  


Start your day with some healthy  mind food.  

We’re as comforting as

a cup of hot coffee with real silky cream

a steaming cup of tea with a spoonful of honey

a hot crispy bagel with melted butter you can truly

sink your teeth into

(but  with-out the calories and fat)

you get the picture!


Make us part of your daily routine… you’ll be glad you did!