Oscars 2016 (Just One More Perspective!!)

Oscars 2016 (Just One More Perspective!!)

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There were few things, in my childhood home, as highly anticipated as Oscar Night!

To say my family LOVED Motion Pictures and everything pertaining to them, would be an understatement.


So, as my husband and I sat down to watch the 88th Annual Academy Awards, I felt like a giddy schoolgirl… literally on the edge of my seat.  

It was a Sunday night in the middle of a long, grey winter and as the curtain rose at The Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, I was ready to be Entertained!!


I was not disappointed.  WoW, What A Show!  


The bases were loaded and the AMPAS finally hit a Home-run:

  1. The evening began with Chris Rock’s highly anticipated monologue, due to all the frenzy surrounding the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.  And he “Rocked” it, plain and simple… (while also, single handedly helping the Girl Scouts of America)  What a guy!!  
  2. The Dolby Theatre provided a venue truly representative of the Old Hollywood Glamour we love so much.
  3. The set designs were SPECTACULAR, the music captivating, everyone looked absolutely stunning… a refreshing contrast to the dreariness of the season.

And… yes… it was wayyyy toooo looong!! To quote Chris Rock: “It was Infomercial long!”.

But, that is why we have Tevo.


So, the following morning, I finished watching the show in the comfort of my cozy pajamas… with a cup of steaming hot coffee in one hand and the all so powerful remote control in the other.  

I had intended to fast forward through the boring stuff… but to my surprise there was very little boring stuff.

 In fact, there was a lot of good stuff… A. Lot. Of. Truisms.   

*/tro͞oˌizəms/: Invaluable, Undoubted Truths, we sometimes forget

*(definition via mrs. bridges )


I almost FF’d through the Best Documentary Short Subject category, but was SO GLAD I didn’t.

Because, I would have missed Louis C.K.’s presentation, which was possibly one of the evening’s funniest.  And the winner, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s acceptance speech was one of the night’s best.  

Both moments were full of Truisms.


Sharmeen won for her short: “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” and when she took the stage to receive her award, she also took the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the “Power of Film”.  

She spoke about empowering women and providing a more just society for them.


This year the Academy tried something new, which allowed acceptance speeches to be less about the winner and who they wanted to thank… and more about what was important to them, to their work, their craft.  It provided a platform for…

Their Truisms.

During the speech, there was a ticker-tape streaming along the bottom of the TV screen with the names of all the people they wanted to “Thank”.

Obviously, this is a really good idea… but a little too late, for Oscar winners like; Hillary, Sean, Sandra and Emma–                         who All forgot to thank their spouses in their acceptance speeches, and who were All coincidentally,               eventually divorced.

Not only did this brilliant new idea cutdown on the length of acceptance speeches, the need for tiny scraps of paper crumpled in the winner’s sweaty palm,

and hopefully a decline in Hollywood divorces

But the best part is, it gave the Oscar recipients the opportunity to really speak from their heart.  


Leo, Best Actor, spoke about his concern for our Earth’s Sustainable Resources.  

He reminded us to, “not take this planet for granted”.  His words were well thought out, valid and powerful (after all he did have 22 years to edit this speech).  

And if he follows his own advice, and decreases his personal consumption of Fossil Fuels, then he would truly make a positive impact on our environment.   

Come on Leo… Fly commercial, we promise not to bite!!  


My favorite speech of the evening was when Director Asif Kapadia accepted the Oscar, along with Producer James Gay-Rees for the Best Documentary Feature.  

Their film was “Amy: The Girl Behind the Name”.

It explored the infamous singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse’s life, career and

untimely death

Kapadia spoke of Amy, the girl.

He described her as really beautiful, amazing, funny, intelligent, witty, special and also as someone who needed looking after.  

It was those last five prolific words that probably provided the greatest insight into “who” was The Girl Behind the Name.  


And one of the evening’s greatest highlights was when trailblazer Jenny Beavan walked confidently up to the stage and proudly accepted the Best Costume Design Oscar for her work in “Mad Max;Fury Road”.

To the shock of many in attendance, Jenny “literally” wore her Truisms on her back… in the form of a black leather jacket (the studded skull on the back, adding a dash of Hollywood glimmer).  Then she sweetly reminded us:

“I just want to say one quite serious thing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, but actually it could be horribly prophetic, ‘Mad Max,‘” she said. “If we’re not kinder to each other, and if we don’t stop polluting our atmosphere, so you know, it could happen.”

Click Here

 to see the audiences jaw-dropping reaction…

Well done Jenny… Well Done!!  


There are sure to be many articles and blog posts providing different perspectives on The 88th Academy Awards show.  I’m sure people will find fault across a wide range of issues from picking apart acceptance speeches, to what outfits attendee’s wore.  

And that’s what this country is based on: Freedom of Speech (and the Freedom of Thought and Opinions).


In my opinion, this year’s show was entertaining on that superficial, glitzy Hollywood level we’re drawn to like a moth to flame… giving us the junk-food glimpse into the intriguing lives of the Rich & Famous we can’t resist.

But, more importantly, this Oscar Night spoke to my heart… my soul… and provided Truisms on some pretty important topics.


If you don’t believe me, grab a Girl Scout Cookie, a cup of coffee and watch this…



And if you want to be prepared for the 89th Academy Awards… click here…

Gotta Love Huffington Post!

Watching the Oscars, is one of my Favorite Mid-Winter Bridges Back  Home!!

How about you???


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