We are a Community  

joined by a desire to enjoy a life well lived

filled with many good things, happy memories

and few regrets



An authentic life we’d be

proud to look back upon


We are warriors, survivors

forging our path along

life’s ever-changing journey


changes = challenges



We share our stories to help

one another along the path

& by giving, we receive


What life changes have you faced?  

Below is a list of just some examples.

  • divorce
  • marriage
  • began/ended a committed relationship
  • decided to have or adopt a child
  • illness
  • loss of a close friend or loved one
  • job change
  • career change
  • moving: across the country, the world or just across town.
  • new hobby
  • got a pet

How have they changed

who you are

what you do

where you live

or ultimately what you want?  


How did these changes alter your BACK HOME?


What BRIDGES did you build or discover to help you during & after the transition?


Back  Home = happy place (physically & mentally)

Bridges = help us get there


Take a minute to share your story, offer helpful ideas that worked for you or pose questions for answers your seeking at this point in your journey.


You’re not alone.  

We’re all here together…

to learn, grow and help.