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Have you heard of this latest powerful Addiction??? I’m Hooked!!!

Have you heard of this latest powerful Addiction??? I’m Hooked!!!

Welcome Back!

Back  Home = happy place (physically & mentally)

Bridges = help us get there


I officially lost all self-control this weekend. And to be honest, it kinda scared the sh*t out of me.


Luckily, I was home alone, so there was no one else privy to my pathetic behavior, except my dog Charlie… who I now have tremendous respect for, seeing he had to endure the plight of my Freefall.


It all started quite innocently, early Saturday morning, when I had some free time on my hands.


You see… like many people lately…I have found myself in my car, singing loudly (o.k., VERY loudly) along to Adele’s new hit “Hello streaming on my satellite radio.


So, I decided to see what all the fuss was about with her new studio album “25”.  

After a quick Google search, I found a clip of her performing on Ellen. I skipped the commercial on Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis, and within 3 seconds Adele started to belt out her song, “All I Ask”.  


Suddenly, something inside of me snapped, and I. Could. Not. Get. Enough!

I quickly adjusted the Volume to MAX!

I don’t do drugs, never have… But, I would assume the reaction I was experiencing was something similar to an addict on Crack.


I pulled up the lyrics on my iPhone and started to sing along.   Because there are people who have actually heard me sing…I should be completely honest; my singing is actually more accurately described as caterwauling. 

I quickly lost all self-control (along with any remaining self-respect) and began “singing” along with Adele at the Top. Of. My. Lungs. while trying to simultaneously emulate her fluid hand movements.  

I was completely captivated.


Have you seen or heard this woman perform??? She pulls you in gracefully……. But, with the force of a freaken’ tornado.  I was down-right powerless over her magnetic charisma.


The second the song ended, I’d immediately restart it from the beginning without skipping a beat.  It became a purely involuntary,reflexive response… an automatic reaction.  It was basically an out of body experience and I just went with it.  


I’m not even completely sure how many times the song looped.  I was caught up in this potent cocktail of Adele’s most UNbelievable voice, accompanied by my out-of-control caterwauling.  And the crazy thing was: it Worked!  

It was Sensational… Beautiful… Epic… Powerful!  

(Although, I’m not quite sure if Charlie would agree.)


Those Lyrics…That Melody…. Her Voice…. All The Passion… it triggered something deep inside me.  I was swirling in a watercolour pool of melancholy memories spiraling through my mind; first loves, heartbreak, childhood, hopes, dreams & losses. It was an unstoppable cascade of thoughts and raw emotion!


As I sang out every lyric with all my heart and soul, I felt EMPOWERED… it was like I possessed a surreal and spiritual strength.  I felt like I could accomplish anything… like I was superhuman…simply unstoppable.

I possibly might have felt, at that point, like I could actually Fly… (weird…i know)…. but frighteningly accurate.


Suddenly, I was transported back in time. Lost. In. The. Power. Of. Music.

Trying to memorize each powerful word in a deeply, heartrending song.  I hadn’t felt this way since I was a schoolgirl spinning the BeeGee’s 45s on my bedroom record player.  


WoW, I was completely mesmerized by Adele’s performance.  

I did have a moment of consciousness… just long enough, to find yet another stunning performance online.  This one was Adele singing her song “One Million Years” Live on the Today Show.  And she sucked me right back in and captivated my attention for what was now turning into quite the Adele Marathon…minutes effortlessly turned into hours.  


Finally, hunger pangs reminded me the day was slipping by and I should probably get some nourishment in food-form.  I forced myself to temporarily breakaway from my laptop long enough to make a quick sandwich.  


At my age, it is profoundly embarrassing to admit I am this STARSTRUCK by a recording artist!!  


However, I am happy to report… I was able to pull myself together after lunch, turnoff my laptop, and get on with my day.  (Okay, I may have indulged in just a few more Youtube singalongs with my newly discovered Girlcrush)


I guess I just need to say…  “Hello”, It’s me.  My name is Loriyn, and I am an Adele-a-holic.”


See for yourself!!!