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Parenthood 2016

Parenthood 2016

Welcome Back!

Back  Home = happy place (physically & mentally)

Bridges = help us get there


The art of raising kids seems to be on my mind a lot lately.

Parenting has never been as simple as a mom & dad happily raising a child, as it appears in the silhouette above.

And I would believe parenthood in 2016, is probably somewhat complex.

There are now so many types of families; single parents, 2 dads, 2 moms… the options, dynamics and circumstances are infinitesimal.

Even though some aspects of parenting remain steadfast… our world has certainly faced a variety of changes which have affected parenting.


I do wonder what it’s like to be a parent of young children in 2016


Let’s face it, technology is moving so fast… we are living in a very different world from the one (28 years ago😉)  when I started raising my kids.


And we have become quite an introspective society.  


Everyone seems to have an opinion on the topic of being a parent in today’s world.


Lately, I hear so many people saying— “God, I would never want to raise a kid in today’s society!!”


In a way, I understand where people who believe that are coming from… for goodness sake, I’m not even so sure that I like raising myself in today’s society.


I do believe the opinions people have on parenting are “Generational”.  


What I mean by that is… our opinions are formed by what we know… what we have personally experienced.  They even depend upon our personalities, our temperament and outlook on life, but that’s a whole other blog!


So, let’s stick to the realization that someone’s opinions are formed by what generation they grew up in and raised their own children in.


Therefore, I can see how someone may say raising a child in today’s society would be a daunting task.  Something they would never chose to do, and are downright grateful they won’t have to.


Remember the popular saying  “Parenthood is for the young!” ??  This may have been written by a wise old (very tired) parent from a previous generation.

Seriously… who wants to run another marathon, after you’ve just crossed the finish line.  

I bet not too many.  

Yet, all of us absolutely love and adore precious, sweet little babies… and THAT is obviously why God invented “Grandparents”.


This all brings me back to my first question:  

How do the people who are facing parenting

in today’s society

feel about raising kids?


Since I didn’t perform any formal surveys or scientific research on that question,

I’ll just give you my opinion (based on what I see & hear)… 

It depends on who you ask!


1. I think a lot of young adults don’t want to have kids.


It’s much more acceptable to say that nowadays, than it was 30 years ago.  

I’ve also heard MANY different reasons why they feel that way…

Some of them are just choosing to have dogs instead of kids.  

They think it’s easier.  

And who knows, they may be right!!


Lucky for the human race…

2. Many of them want to have kids.


Honestly, it’s never easy to have kids.  

I really can’t think of a time or generation when parenthood was easy, breezy.   

It is always tough to raise a kid.  

Hence, the saying “Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have”!


So, what advice/suggestions would I give somebody raising kids in today’s society?


Here  are  just  some  Bridges  I  would  suggest  to  make  navigating  Parenthood  a  little  easier


  • Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s ALL small stuff?

Actually I believe that is total bullshit!


When you’re raising kids… it’s all BIG stuff and you’re going to sweat it… (at least for your first baby)  So, just do your best to get through it.


  • Be really, really careful picking your parenting partner!

 Nuff said!


  • Work hard to stay on the same page with your parenting partner!

Yes, people are all different… but you have to compromise as much as possible when it comes to parenting styles.  

You MUST (and I rarely use the word “MUST”) have a Cohesive-Parenting-Front, because when these little sweet babies grow up, They. Will. Divide. And. Conquer… with the skill of ancient Samurai warrior.


  • Try not to let social media make you feel like a bad parent!

Nowadays people are posting everything from sonogram pictures to first birthday parties. And they ALL LOOK SO GREAT!  

Keep in mind that a picture is sometimes just that…

a snapshot in a second of time

and what goes on before or after that second, may not look SO pretty as the second the picture was taken


  • Try to enjoy every minute because it goes so fast?

This is so much easier to say, that than do!   

I remember how upset I used to get when somebody would say that to me

Usually in the grocery store… while sweetly admiring my precious little child, who was smiling innocently and looking irresistibly adorable just sitting there in the grocery cart…

the same child, that had kept me up ALL night screaming and crying with gas.


  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

To be honest parenting is somewhat of an exhausting, thankless job. There are no medals, no trophies or paychecks to be earned…. no vacation days.

But we do it because we’ve been called to do it… we want to do it and we Love to parent, protect, teach, guide, and nurture our kids.  

And the best way we can take care of those we love, is to first take care of ourselves.

(Again, I’ve always found this much easier said than done!)



  • Don’t take everyone’s advice (even mine)!

Every situation is different.  Every mom, dad, kid and set of circumstances are different.  So think twice before you buy the latest bestseller book on Parenting, or pick-up the magazine touting the best solution to, getting your newborn to sleep through the night.  

 Simply think of all these influences as “suggestions”, not fact.


But there’s one suggestion I think all parents (new & old) should do…

watch the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin.  Even if you don’t learn anything… you’ll get a much needed laugh!!


Tell us (in the comments below) some Bridges you’ve used to make parenting a little easier… fun… etc…